Halloween Sounds
Frequently Asked Questions

1. Listen to the previews - these are short clips of the sounds contained in the albums and
will give you an idea of what to expect.

2. If you wish to pay via your Paypal account or credit card, Click 'Buy now' and purchase the
album safely and securely via Paypal. You will be redirected to our distributor Big Fat Audio
at Paypal.com

3. When the payment is complete, our download facilitator, Tradebit.com will send an access
code to your registered Paypal email address straight away (make sure you still have it!)

4. Click the link in the email and you will then be able to download the entire album.

5. When you have downloaded the album, you can play it on your computer, send them to
your ipod or simply drag them into your CD burning software.

I didn't get my download link email, where is it?

Download emails are triggered by Paypal, so they are sent to the email address that you
use to log in to Paypal. Please check this address first, and also check your junk folder. We
can easily re-send your link to another address if you're having problems so please contact

Can I buy a CD?

Yes, our American customers can easily purchase all of our CD's at www.amazon.com Please
allow at least two days for delivery to avoid disappointment this Halloween!

Why are CD's more expensive?

Printing, distribution and postage costs make CD's slightly more expensive than downloads,
but our albums are still fairly cheap in comparison to most others on the market.

Can I buy outside of the USA?

Yes you can. Paypal will convert US Dollars to your local currency at todays exchange rate,
and once the transaction is completed, you will receive a download link in your email
wherever you are in the world. Our iTunes links will automatically re-direct you to your local
iTunes store. CD's are currently only available from
www.amazon.com in the United States,
but they can be purchased by overseas customers too - although shipping will obviously
take a while longer so please allow for this.

Can I use the sounds commercially?

No, sorry! All of the albums displayed on this website are for home entertainment use only.
If you are interested in bespoke sound design for your function or installation, please
contact us with your requirements.

The audio previews don't work - what's wrong?

The preview players require the universal Flash plugin. Visit
http://www.get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ for your free download.

Can I buy individual tracks?

Yes at the iTunes store and most other mp3 websites.

What format are the albums in?

The Halloween downloads are high quality mp3's encoded at 256kbps which is the same as
iTunes+ quality. They do not contain DRM restrictions which means you are able to burn CD's
for personal use and play them on any mp3 player. Audio CD's purchased at Amazon.com
are in WAV format at 16bit, 44.1khz.

Will they play on my iPod?

Yes. The downloads are standard DRM-free mp3's which can be played on any type of mp3

I need help, will you reply to my message?

Of course, usually within 12 hours of receiving it but often within minutes!

Can you give me any playback tips?

The key to effective and scary playback is speaker placement. All of the Halloween sound
effects contained in our albums utilize the full dynamic range, meaning they can't get any
louder and they are full bodied with deep bass.

If you are able to separate your speakers this will create a larger stereo stage for the
sound. So for example, when a vase flies from one speaker to the other in the Poltergeist
album, it really will sound like it is travelling across your room.

It is also a good idea to hide your speakers under chairs or tables. If you are downloading
the sound effects, try playing different sounds in different rooms to create zones. This will
enhance your decorations and lighting no end.

Remember, the bigger the speakers, the deeper the bass. If you want to make the most of
the sub-sonic bass in these recordings, get those old speakers out of the garage and turn
them up! Sound will be perfectly acceptable using iPod docks and Hi-Fi's, but at Halloween,
anything goes so use whatever you have available.

If you have purchased the individual sound effects contained within Halloween Chopped Up,
try using this free audio editor: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ to make your own spooky
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Personal home entertainment use only
By Ultimate Horror Sounds