Halloween Sounds
Halloween Horror - Scary Sounds and Music
Halloween Horror is one of the best Halloween albums on the market, and unsurprisingly,
it's now a bestseller at the iTunes store. With a total running time of 62 minutes, the album
is divided into 10 themed tracks, each lasting 6 to 8 minutes. It includes creepy horror music,
spooky ambiances and some terrifying scenes based around a haunted house, torture
chamber, Werewolf forest, Witches Den and the depths of Hell. This album is available as a
digital download via Paypal or iTunes and it is also available to purchase as a physical CD at
Amazon.com in the United States. Below you will find a preview of each of the tracks
contained in this album along with some reviews from fans and Halloween experts.
Halloween Horror is without doubt a classic Halloween soundtrack...
Halloween Horror - Scary Sounds and Music
Five star reviews
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Track List:
1. Halloween Music (8:00)

You've seen the movie, now re-live
the terror in this eight minute, creepy
soundtrack. It includes eerie pianos,
choir voices, drums and percussion
and all manor of Horror film style
3. Torture Chamber (6:00)

As water drips and rats scurry past,
there are plenty of yells and screams
as people are whipped, stretched and
chopped up. This is not for the faint
5. Witches Den (6:00)

The three witches chant the famous
witches spell as a cauldron bubbles, a
cat meows and frogs croak. This is a
useful atmosphere for kids parties in
7. Hell (6:00)

Wild flames crackle as poor souls yell
and cry. The beast roars and breaths
fire upon these tormented souls in this
big horror soundscape. Another useful
party background ambiance.
9. Howling Storm (6:00)

The ultimate thunder storm. Loud
cracks of thunder, howling wind and
rain make for an oppressive
atmosphere that no self respecting
castle should be without!
2. Haunted House (6:00)

From the moment you play this you
will be gripped. Far from being a
background track, this is a terrifying,
yet entertaining scene that features
some amazing Halloween sound
4. Zombies (6:00)

The living dead cause mayhem in this
dramatic scene which features
powerful bangs and crashes and all
manor of evil snarls and growls. Very
6. Werewolf Forest (6:00)

In the dark of the night, the wolves
are out and they're hungry! Listen to
distant howling and snarling as
thunder cracks and rain falls in the
forest at night.
8. Dungeon Dripping (6:00)

Water echoes as it drips from the
dungeon roof. An incredibly eerie
sound complimented by distant
wind. Great for making a themed
10. Terror Mix (6:00)

A glorious mix of all of the above. This
track has the best of all worlds with
its snarling wolves, thunder cracks,
rattling chains, screams, sudden
bangs and much more.
Every so often an album comes
along that just blows everything
else away, this is one of them.
Sound quality is excellent and
there are enough jumps to
scare even the bravest of souls.
Every year for Halloween I
quest for a good soundtrack for
my haunted yard. I've even
resorted to making my own
sound track because the stuff
available online was so friggin'
lame. I bought this album this
year about two hours before
sundown on Halloween (2008).
I didn't even get a chance to
listen to it before I put it on loop
and played it. This was a
quantum leap in coolness for us.
I even got compliments on it. As
my dad likes to say, this
Halloween album sounds like
something we wanted instead
of something we found :-)
Excellent Halloween soundtrack.
What a find!
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