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The Halloween productions featured on this website were created and produced by British sound designer and composer, Leigh Haggerwood

Leigh has been producing music and sound design elements for the media since 1997, covering major TV series and stage productions as well as bespoke sound effect libraries. Leigh is passionate about sound, and you'll find popular examples of his sound recording work at websites such as Calmsound .  The majority of the horror soundtracks featured on this website are now available to listen to for free on Spotify and on the Halloween Sounds channel at YouTube .

If you have any questions or are unsure about your purchase, please contact us directly and somebody will reply with 24 hours. All direct purchases are handled by Paypal, so you are completely secure and protected should you feel unsure about online transactions. We hope you'll have a fantastic Halloween 2022.

Whilst the majority of the sound effects used in the making of these Halloween albums were created by us, we gratefully acknowledge the additional contributions of the following artists at for the use of the following sound recordings  - used under the Creative Commons license:

Halloween Horror - Scary Sounds and Music
women singing.wav (
insane laughter man reverb.wav (
By Leady (

girls singing-PiSh_01.wav (
scream boom_01.wav (    
By studiorat (

soopastarlaugh.wav (
sinister laughs.wav (
By NoiseCollector (

Hvy Strm Stab.ogg (
By patchen (

bats 2.aif (
By sofie (

2_takes_bats.aif (
By thanvannispen (

Kennels Ayval?k 1.wav (
By genghis attenborough (

To_Be_Booed2_ses1.wav (
By freesound (

061010_19-30catfight.mp3 (
By ermine (

Evil mouth ensemble.wav (
By kathol (

catfight2.mp3 (           
By bebops (

evil_incantation.wav (
hell's chorus.mp3 (
By Incarnadine (

Marleys_Approach.mp3 (
By Frank Ostrander (

psycho screams 3.wav (
By FreqMan (

Halloween Party - Scary Sounds for Halloween

TawnyOwl2.wav (
By acclivity (

Owl.WAV (           
By inchadney (

Owls.wav (
Tawny Owls 2.wav (        
By Benboncan (

Halloween Chopped Up - Scary Horror Sound effects

girls singing-PiSh_01.wav (
By studiorat (

Poltergeist - Ghost in the Machine: Scary Sounds for Halloween

cracklebox- clicking.wav (
By tombola (

nervous.wav (
By Edgar (

Static.wav (        
By Jace (

suonho_ScaryScape_01.wav (
By suonho (

am band static.wav (
By cognito perceptu (

ghostly.wav (
By 7by7 (

scarysound_slow_reverse.mp3 (
By johnsto (

Baaly.wav (
By digifishmusic (

White Noise.mp3 (
By Percy Duke (     

windust.aif (
By irad (

cavern wind.wav (
By Royal (

granular ambience 8 ghosttrain.wav (
By NoiseCollector (

20080216.tuning.02.wav (
20080216.tuning.01.wav (
By dobroide (

Metal Atmosphere 002.mp3 (
By DJ Chronos (

I_Am_Female.mp3 (
By acclivity (

weirdo1.wav (
By stomachache (

By patchen (
digtl subway2.flac (

ambience03.wav (
By yewbic (

TV.wav (
By ljudman (

Thank you to all those that have contributed.

Halloween Sounds - Scary Sounds for Halloween
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